What are the Petit Gosset Dolls made of?


Petit Gosset dolls begin their adventurous lives in my home studio, where I use the finest available materials to create dolls according to the traditional Waldorf method. Even though I use the same pattern, each doll comes out unique and has its own personality. Their skin is made from thick, 100%-cotton interlock from Switzerland, specially milled for dolls, and their bodies are firmly stuffed with premium eco-wool from Oregon. All the seams on their bodies are sewn twice for durability. Their eyes and lips, which I embroider with a cotton floss, immediately open up, and the mouth often begins to chatter, as I blush the new doll’s cheeks with a beeswax crayon. Petit Gosset dolls have diverse hair styles and lengths, and their hair is made with only natural fibers, such as wool yarn, hand-spun art yarn, mohair yarn (fluffy or curly), or wefted mohair. Each doll leaves my studio dressed according to the latest fashion, in clothes carefully designed, sewn, and knitted by me from high-end natural fabrics and fibers, such as Italian linen, silk, cotton batiste, cashmere and alpaca yarn.

Where to buy a Petit Gosset Doll?

Most of my dolls are sold through my Indiecart store. If you are interested in purchasing a doll, you can find pictures, stories, and pricing details on my Blog and Facebook page. Doll clothes and sewing patterns are sold via Etsy. 

If you would like to order a custom doll, please contact me at PetitGosset@gmail.com. Custom dolls take from 4 to 10 weeks to be created, so I only take a few of them throughout the year. Custom dolls usually require much more preparation, sketching and actual work hours, so the prices are higher than for the RTG.


What are the Petit Gosset ready-to-go dolls sizes and prices?

Each doll is one of a kind and requires more than 40 hours of work. Pricing depends on many factors (hair choice, facial features, materials and fashion styles) and ranges from $360 for a 10-12" doll up to $850 for a 20-21" doll.

Once in a while a ready-to-go-doll becomes available for sale. Please follow my Facebook page for the updates.

Petit Gosset dolls are not intended for little children. Buttons can pose a choking hazard, so please be careful!


How to take care of your doll?


I include detailed instructions on how to clean and take care of your doll and her little clothes with your order.