Farewell Summer- Hello New Style!

It's hard to believe that summer is winding down already. But what a wonderful one it has been! Usually, when planning any vacation, I try to make it not just relaxing but as educational for my children as possible. By the end of the school year we always have some historical periods studied, some artists and their works discussed. How exciting for children to visit the places they have been reading about all year!

For me, traveling is the most visceral way of recharging my inner battery, of feeding my soul. New places, people, conversations, nature -  all these help me reboot my creative energy. And now, brimming with this new energy and inspired by my travels, I present to you the first outfit of my new Fall Collection, an outfit that I hope will touch you with its elegance and delicate beauty.

silk skirt.jpg

The new collection is a dialogue between feminine beauty and comfort, if we dare to apply these qualities to a doll. It's a dialogue between man and nature.

The wide skirt is created from several layers of silk organza and gorgeous Italian cotton jacquard for the lining, that subtly shows through the silk. The waist of the skirt is decorated with a bow. Its color is all about the sky and the sea, vast and deep, and purely beautiful....                            Cotton Mokuba lace and sparkling beads give a special touch to the silk blouse.

This clothes will fit beautifully an 18" doll and is recommended for collectors only.

The set is for sale, please contact me if you're interested.

How to look like a Parisian, tips from Antoine.

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” – Oscar Wilde

Recently, visiting our friends in Boston, we were sitting in the park, talking, laughing and sipping hot cider. It was a lovely September afternoon, when a funny little guy suddenly perched himself near us on the bench. He looked a bit older than my sons, maybe about 13 or 14. But what struck me was his nonchalant manner and the way he completely matter-of-factly joined in on our conversation. Antoine was his name. He turned out to be a fantastic narrator and just plain cool (if I can permit myself to borrow my sons’ cutting-edge vocabulary)! He told us about his life in Paris (because obviously that’s where he was from), and about how he traveled everywhere only by bike, since he didn’t quite trust the metro system and took the plane only in extreme situations, such as crossing the ocean (and even then, he hoped that a bridge connecting Europe to the US would soon enough make this unfortunate circumstance unnecessary). He also told us about his passion for dressmaking. How he only wore clothes designed and made by himself, clothes that perfectly suited his busy urban lifestyle. And as a true Parisian, he definitely knew what he was doing when it came to style.

Here are a few tips given by Antoine.
1. Be simple!

2. Layer up.

If you want to adopt a chic Parisian way of dressing, don't forget to layer. The key is to make sure that each layer peaks out just a little bit.
A collar shirt in light pink pairs incredibly well with an olive wool jacket!

3. The right shoes.

Every Parisian is willing to have a pair of brown leather shoes to compliment his look.

4. Oh stripes!
There is probably nothing more French than a traditional Breton stripe. A pair of striped socks are amazingly versatile and look fantastic in every season.

5.  A scarf.

Never leave your home without a scarf, even in the summer. Just toss it in over your jacket or shirt.

And of course, don't forget about hair. Leave it floppy and seemingly nonchalant for a perfect look.

If you'd like to bring a bit of French style into your wardrobe and get your own adorable and trendy fashion adviser, get in touch with Antoine!


At last spring has sprung! 

It's a season that bursts with new beginnings, new life, and, of course, new little dolls...

Hello!! by petit gosset

Hello!! by petit gosset

May-Elise is a natural fiber art doll, a little over 18" tall. She was made with Swiss cotton interlock and stuffed very firmly with wool. Her hair was made of beautiful, silky-soft Suri alpaca locks, that were combed, washed, dyed with black tea, sewn into wefts, and then crocheted into a wool cap. Her hair is very fragile and should be styled with fingers only (no brush). Her face was sculpted with needle felting technique, brown eyes - embroidered, light freckles - hand-painted, and cheeks - blushed with beeswax.

wearing cashmere jacket, by petit gosset

wearing cashmere jacket, by petit gosset

May-Elise wears lovely cotton batiste underwear, crafted with French lace; Liberty of London dress with underskirt; fully-lined cashmere jacket with a leather belt; hand-knitted silk/mohair bonnet and scarf; hand-knitted mohair socks, and velvet boots.

May-Elise is recommended for children 8+ or an adult collector.

If you would like to offer your home to this beautiful girl, she will be available in Dollectable store on May 1st, at 7pm EST.