Mireille - a girl from the past

Imagine yourself in an antique store flipping through a bin of old photos.

Do you know this girl? This is Mireille. There’s something mysterious but also endearing about her…

Where and when was she born? Maybe in Vienna at the turn of the 20th Century, or maybe in Boston….we don’t know for sure. It’s hard to tell from the pictures. So it’s up to our imagination to come up with a story.

What we do know, however, is that this beautiful soul has traveled from the past to the present in search of a loving family to call her own.


Mireille is about 16” tall and has lovely tan skin (produced in Switzerland) and big tender eyes. Her body and limbs are firmly stuffed and sculpted using ecological wool from Oregon. Her beautiful hair is made with goat mohair and could be gently brushed and styled.

Mireille will travel wearing a set of batiste underwear, a lovely Liberty dress, a linen dress with two big pockets, a hand-knitted baby alpaca shawl for the cooler evenings, fine wool socks and knitted boots with leather sole. (The bed and toys are not included.)