Farewell Summer- Hello New Style!

It's hard to believe that summer is winding down already. But what a wonderful one it has been! Usually, when planning any vacation, I try to make it not just relaxing but as educational for my children as possible. By the end of the school year we always have some historical periods studied, some artists and their works discussed. How exciting for children to visit the places they have been reading about all year!

For me, traveling is the most visceral way of recharging my inner battery, of feeding my soul. New places, people, conversations, nature -  all these help me reboot my creative energy. And now, brimming with this new energy and inspired by my travels, I present to you the first outfit of my new Fall Collection, an outfit that I hope will touch you with its elegance and delicate beauty.

silk skirt.jpg

The new collection is a dialogue between feminine beauty and comfort, if we dare to apply these qualities to a doll. It's a dialogue between man and nature.

The wide skirt is created from several layers of silk organza and gorgeous Italian cotton jacquard for the lining, that subtly shows through the silk. The waist of the skirt is decorated with a bow. Its color is all about the sky and the sea, vast and deep, and purely beautiful....                            Cotton Mokuba lace and sparkling beads give a special touch to the silk blouse.

This clothes will fit beautifully an 18" doll and is recommended for collectors only.