Blanche - the Girl who Loves Horses

Any takers for an early morning ride on horseback? Galloping across vast fields when they’re still covered with droplets of dew. Feeling the force of the wind against my face. And leaning close to the back of my dear horse and hearing its deep breathing...that’s what I call a day well begun. Oh, I forgot to present myself! I’m Blanche. Evidently, when my mother first saw my light-colored hair and sky-blue eyes, she decided that I was going to be one of those sweet homebodies. Maybe even a little cupid of sorts. But she soon discovered just how different I was and how bright of an adventure spark I had in my eye! The name stuck though. And I’ve even decided to continue the tradition and name my high-spirited mare Blanche 1. That’s how much I like it!

I was born not too tall, just above 18”. My mother used Swiss cotton and beautifully-smelling wool to make my body strong and flexible, which enables me to be more secure in the saddle.
I have long blond hair crafted of silky soft goat locks. I'm wearing a  peasant shirt made of liberty print, a pair of wide, lined silk pants, a hand-knitted merino wool/silk cardigan, and a pair of mohair/silk shoes . Oh, and I love my alpaca beret, which helps keep down my unruly hair!

Blanche is recommended for a child 6+ or an adult collector and will be available for purchase tomorrow, October 1st, at 7pm EST. Please visit the store to check her out!