Looking through the gate...

'The world could change in a second. So I find the sunshine beckons me. To open up the gate and dream. And dream.'          ~Robbie Williams



For weeks the skies were gray, heavy snow fell, and the north wind raged. Branches shook in trepidation and freezing air unmercifully enveloped the grounds and waters. But then there was nothing but stillness, like the calm of the sea after a storm.

Little Nina popped her head out the door and smelled the crispy air. She then quickly put on her woolen shawl and decided to explore the winter wonderland. Thick white blankets of snow covered the fields in front of her. The white tree branches looked like mosaics against the pale blue sky. Her feet sank in the soft snow as she made her way to the frozen pond. Her friend, the bronze boy statue, stood in the midst of the ice. She looked at him and dreamed of the warm spring days when the pond would be covered with lilies.

And suddenly she heard a bird. This beautiful sound felt so warm and uplifting, but where did it come from? Nina turned around and saw an old, rustic gate. She ran up to it and peeked through. A warm breeze blew her hair back and the fragrance of wild roses filled the air around her. Did the bronze boy hear her wishes? Behind the gate the flowers were blooming and the rivers were flowing. She had been dreaming of such days for the past few months and had imagined herself running across the fields with her pony...

Nina is a 13" doll with light tan skin, made with Swiss jersey and stuffed firmly with eco-wool.  Her face is sculpted using needle-felting technique and hand embroidered. Her hair is a hand-made weft of Suri Alpaca and is silky soft. It has been crocheted into a mohair cap and stitched down to the head. The fibers are held well but can be styled and brushed with fingers only. Nina also has little ears, knees, elbows and a cute little bum.

Nina wears an organic cotton shirt; a jumper, made with 2 layers of France Duval-Stalla cotton, and closing in the back; a pair of Liberty print pants with a beautiful cotton lace trim and an elasticized waistband and leg cuffs; a pair of hand-knitted mohair/silk Mary-janes with wooden buttons; a little cotton scarf and a wide lace scarf with a leather button, hand-knitted with gorgeous organic alpaca yarn; and a bracelet with a large engraved button and garnet beads.

Nina is designed and suited for an adult or a child over 6 (due to small parts in her clothing and the nature of her hair).
Her price is $550 (shipping is not included).

If you would like to open your doors to this little girl, please fill in your details in the form below. The form will be open until 9 pm EST Tuesday Feb. 17th. Then a name will be chosen randomly. An invoice will be sent via PayPal and payment is due upon receipt.

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