Little Léo with a dress for his beloved sister

Spring was finally here. Every afternoon, after finishing their lessons, the children went and played in the garden. They were happy to smell yellow daffodils and purple crocuses and to feel the soft new grass under their bare feet. One day in the farthest corner of the garden they saw little Leo. He was sitting very quietly, listening to the birds who sang so sweetly, while beautiful flowers poked their heads out of the grass above his head. Leo himself looked like a daffodil. It was a lovely scene.

Leo told them his story. He told them about the beautiful garden where he was born, his older sister with whom he loved to play hide-and-seek in that garden and who, he was sure, was hiding somewhere at that very instant. Suddenly, they were startled by cracking branches behind us and a loud lively voice which cried "Peekaboo!" and they all knew that Leo's sister had joined their little party.

Sometimes Léo can be a bit shy, but he quickly warms to new faces and becomes a loyal friend.

To cover his silky soft cashmere body (which is about 10" long), we decided to make additional clothing for him. He found a gorgeous Liberty print cotton for his pants and also asked us to make a festive dress for his beloved sister, who is 18-20" long. He is such a loving brother! We chose a matching gorgeous cashmere yarn for his vest, hat, and his sister's cardigan. As a finishing touch we added small leather buttons and a rabbit fur pom pom. 

When the clothes were ready Leo suddenly became timid and hid his face in the skirt.

Now he is all ready to meet his sister. If, by any chance, this young lady lives with you and you would like to open your doors to her brother, Leo would be thrilled to join your family!

Leo and the dress will be available for sale Tuesday, April 25th via a short auction, from 7 PM EST- 10 PM EST.

Due to small parts which can pose a choking hazard, Leo and the dress are recommended for children 4+.

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