Miss Rabbit - the couturière

Now, it may be a surprise to you that instead of the characteristic doll you might expect, you here see a fascinating creature with long ears and a bushy tail, a character who seems to have just jumped out of some Wonderland similar to Alice’s. You may even be rubbing your eyes in disbelief, thinking it may be some yet-another-snow-induced hallucination. But fear not, it is nothing of that sort; it is simply my little friend and colleague Miss Rabbit eager to meet the world.


We met this past fall when I was raking leaves with my kids in our backyard and, all of a sudden, ran into Miss Rabbit who was gathering leaves for her autumn dress. Since then we’ve become good friends and have, not once, exchanged ideas and feedback regarding our sewing projects. (Some color schemes in my most successful projects have, in fact, been suggested by her!)

Recently, Miss Rabbit has opened up to me and told me how happy she’d be to travel and see the world and to learn more about the different styles in fashion. Though sad to part with her, I decided that it would, indeed, be a wonderful idea. So here she is, looking out on to the world with eyes full of curiosity and creative zeal! To make her future friend and companion-in-travels even happier, she decided to sew her a beautiful matching pink dress, the kind, she says, she’s seen on little spring fairies...



Miss Rabbit is 17" long and is made with pure Italian linen and stuffed with eco-wool. Her arms are button jointed and the legs are sewn to her body. Thanks to her longer feet, she can stand easily. The rabbit wears a cotton blouse with nickel-free snaps at the back and a beautiful silk chiffon flower with little glass beads in the center; cotton underwear; a pair of silk-lined shorts, made with a Liberty print ; baby alpaca hand crochet Mary janes; and a cute fur tail.

The cotton seersucker dress is crafted to fit an 18-20" doll. It features a tulle frill overlay with tiny silk roses, and a silk chiffon flower, similar to the one the Rabbit has. The dress has an opening in the back and an elastic at the sleeves for a better fit.



Due to small parts which can pose a choking hazard, these toys are recommended for  children 5+.

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