Nils and his Goose

Next week one of my sons is turning ten (a pretty important date if you ask me!), and in honor of this event, I decided to create a little boy-doll. In fact, the doll looks just like my son (only a couple of years younger) - with the same curly blond hair, dark hazelnut eyes, and mischievous grin, which never leaves his face. It is that mischievous air that prompted my son to call him Nils, just like the protagonist from the Swedish children’s story written by Selma Lagerlof, in which she tells of the boy’s adventures with a flock of wild geese.


With this new association in mind, I figured that Nils would not be complete without his friend and faithful travel companion - Morten, the domestic goose, at his side.  So here they both are, ready to embark on their next amazing adventure!


Nils is a 16" boy with little ears, bum, knees, elbows, and a belly button. He is made with Swiss cotton jersey and stuffed firmly with eco-wool. His hair is made with tea-dyed wool locks attached one by one to a crochet cap, sewn to his head. Nils is wearing organic cotton jersey underwear and shirt, cashmere shorts, socks, felted wool shoes, and a cashmere hat.


Morten is a little farm goose, measuring about 6" wide, made with alpaca wool fabric and stuffed with wool.


Nils and his Goose will be available for sale Thursday, February 6th via a short auction, from 7 PM EST- 10 PM EST.

Due to small parts which can pose a choking hazard, the doll and his goose are recommended for  children 5+.

Thank you so much for stopping by and good luck!