Christmas blossoms

It was one of those cloudy autumn days when I didn’t feel like sitting at home and decided that a stroll through New York City streets, with their awakening Christmas spirit, would do my creative self some good. Taking my turn around the fashion district always takes a while since I don’t let a single shop window escape me and spend some time looking at all of the beautiful fabrics, lace, trims, and buttons laid out so enticingly in the windows. This time, one particular window attracted all of my attention, in a way that I couldn’t make myself pull away. It was a fabric, the kind one usually dreams up and awakens to find that it has disappeared (that may explain why I kept starring at it, afraid of blinking away the vision). Cascading in loose graceful folds was a most breath-taking white netting adorned with delicate hand-made beaded flowers. It was the kind one usually associates with beautiful vintage bridal gowns (that of Grace Kelly comes immediately to mind). Thin and almost entirely transparent, the netting would provide just enough indistinctness to the garment so as to give its wearer the impression of mystery. “Illusion” was the name given to it by the boutique’s owner, and that is exactly what it felt like to me.

I couldn’t resist the temptation and immediately set to work picking out other fabrics which would help highlight the sense of “illusion” I wanted to create. I stopped on some very fine white wool for the main body of the dress and a mix of alpaca and mohair for the chic burgundy cape that would envelop the doll’s shoulders. A luxurious rabbit-fur collar and a beaded mohair beret would add the final touch. It would be a dress in the classical style, with a unique balance of antique elements and modern design...

At this point, some of you may be shaking your heads and seeing the similarity between my account of this beautiful gown and the masterful illusion created by the weavers in Hans Christian Andersen’s wonderful tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” but I promise it’s all true! After hours of drawing, creating patterns, cutting, and sewing, this gorgeous seasonally-inspired gown is ready for its debut. Will it be your doll to shine at the holiday ball this year?

This set was designed with an older child or a collector adult in mind and will be for sale in my hyena store tonight, December 15th, at 8 p.m. EST.

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