As soon as the sun peeks out from behind the horizon, Enzo is already up and running down one of Genova's cobbled streets towards the sea docks. Teresa, the kind middle-aged lady who sells fresh fruits and vegetables down the street, salutes little Enzo and gives him one of her ripest peaches. With one hand tightly holding onto the soft, melting peach and the other –– keeping his beret from flying away back up the street, Enzo skips on with his beaming smile and sparkling eyes.

He finds his favorite spot –– the rocks –– from where he can gaze undisturbed onto the vastness and beauty of the Mediterranean sea and the bustling life of the seaport beneath him. Enzo watches his father, one of the city’s ship engineers, walk down the long decks and converse with the ship constructors and sailors. The magnificent ship is almost complete. This gigantic structure, built by the hands of many men, is about to leave the shores and sail away into foreign lands and waters. Enzo longs that one day he too will be able to help his father and will construct the largest ship ever to grace the waters of the Mediterranean.

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