Romantic lace

I’ve always been enamored of vintage lace and have wanted to use it in my outfits. My daughter recently came back from studying in France and knew the perfect gift I would appreciate: beautiful antique embroidered cotton organdy. I combined it with an exquisite organic cotton batiste and fine French lace, and Voilà!



I’m very excited to offer you this truly romantic outfit! It consists of several pieces of clothing: a vintage-inspired plaid cotton dress, organic cotton batiste underpants and tank top with a sequin accent and lace trim, a gorgeous layered cotton organza skirt, and finally, a hand-knitted cardigan made with a Silk Rhapsody Mohair Glitter Light Yarn, a luscious blend of hand-painted silk and mohair with a twinkly lurex strand.



The set is made to fit an 18” doll and is appropriate for a child 6+ due to the small parts and delicate fabrics.

If you think your doll will be delighted with this clothing, the whole set will be for sale in my etsy store tonight at 10 p.m. EST.