Yesterday, we had our first snow. It was beautiful, the kind of morning Noelle likes the most: large, puffy snowflakes circling quietly outside the window and hot spiced apple cider inside with the kids. All this time, she has been waiting impatiently for winter to come, confiding to me, one evening after the kids went to bed, that she has been preparing tiny presents for each and every one of them and baking ginger bread cookies and even coming up with ideas for a short Christmas story...all in preparation for her favorite season of the year.


I have to say, she hasn't forgotten to provide me with a long list of her own Christmas wishes either. In her tiny handwriting (which, admittedly, is sometimes a little hard to decipher), she has asked for two outfits: one–red and white, made from Italian velvet, beaded mohair with sequins, Liberty print, and French lace, and the other–purple and olive, with a different kind of Liberty design and, to top it all off, cashmere and silk for the cardigan. I smiled to myself when I read her letter, but, I have to agree, this little girl has good taste!


Noelle is a 20" doll, made with a lot of love from pure eco-wool and Swiss cotton jersey. Her face is emroidered and her hair is wefted mohair. She has green eyes and little ears.

Noelle is a very happy and caring girl who loves winter, holidays, making presents, and reading at night next to the fireplace. She is ready to move to her new home and has already started packing. She will come with two full outfits and a little present for her new mama, that she has made herself.

Noelle will be available for purchase via short auction running tomorrow, November 14th, from 8 p.m. till 10 p.m EST.

Noelle is recommended for a child 6+.

Thank you so much for visiting and warmest wishes for the holidays!